The CoRPS Steering Committee is the governing body of the CoRPS.  It consists of one investigator from each site. The Steering Committee is primarily responsible for:

  • Selecting and approving topics for investigation
  • Approving protocol development
  • Designing and approving study protocols
  • Participating in data analysis, presentation, and publication
  • Maintaining CoRPS policies and procedures (By-Laws)
  • Assuring compliance with CoRPS By-Laws and applicable regulations
  • Approval of financial resource utilization

Principal Investigators

CHAIR: Cara Grimes, MD

Danielle Antosh, MD

Heidi Brown, MD

Sallie Oliphant, MD

Jon Gleason, MD

Ladin Yurteri-Kaplan, MD



Husam Abed, MD

Thomas Wheeler, MD



Cheryl Iglesia, MD

Kim Kenton, MD

Holly Richter, MD


Administrative Director

Nisha Philip, CCRP